Property Cashflow Academy Deal Sourcing & Packaging Course

Neil started his Deal Sourcing and Packaging business in 2014 and hasn’t looked back! Deal sourcing and packaging is one of the most powerful property strategies for building lump sums of cash – FAST. During this course, Neil will guide you through everything you need to know to enter the highly lucrative business of deal sourcing and packaging.


Study options:

Live masterclass

Online course


Course duration:

Live masterclass:

2-day intensive training course


Online course:

Xx hours of training, completed at your own pace

Materials / resources included:

Live masterclass:

Onsite training materials and takeaways


Online course:

Lifetime access to full training content

Course fees:

Live masterclass:

£997 + VAT


Online course:

£697 + VAT


Enrol on the Property Cashflow Academy Deal Sourcing & Packaging Course and get TWO FULL DAYS of expert knowledge and content, including:


  • Why deal sourcing and packaging is one of the most popular property strategies for building lump sums of cash – fast
  • ​The profit power of finding deals for investors
  • How to calculate and find value adds to ensure a large sourcing fee!
  • Numerous case studies from Neil’s personal journey and lessons learned
  • The different types of deals, how to package and legally structure them for success
  • What investors are looking for in a good deal
  • How to double your money by doing assisted sales (seller JVs)
  • The top 5 ways to source deals!
  • How to secure the deal and get exclusivity
  • How to work with joint venture partners
  • How to build up your investor database
  • How to professionally present your deals in a brochure to investors
  • How to systemise your business
  • How to market your deal sourcing business Identity traits: how to figure out which ‘type’ your seller is, so you can adapt your approach
  • 2 live negotiation break-out sessions! With feedback from Neil
  • The 5 reasons a seller will say “no” to your offer and what to do about it
  • The power of 5x: value propositioning
  • Negotiation psychology: the exact model Neil uses to make tens of thousands a month selling deals
  • The sales revolution system: step by step instructions & implementation
  • The seller calculator – gold! (allowing you to secure the deal over an estate agent!)
  • What to say to agents to make them work with you
  • Where to advertise your deals (which places are the best)


Plus so much more…!


To enrol on the Property Cashflow Deal Sourcing & Packaging Course, visit:


October 26 @ 09:00 — October 27 @ 16:00
9:00 am — 4:00 pm (31h)